Medical negligence can be a frustrating, as well as a definite cause for concern for any and all who are dependent on medical care. Whether getting a prescription for a common cold or a diagnosis for something maybe a little more severe, a mistake made by the ones we trust with our health may have devastating -sometimes painful- effects.

An estimated 4-5% of the general population are victims of medical negligence in Ireland. This means 160,000 people out of a population of four million or more are hurt or injured annually. This is due to sub-par or unnecessary treatments or procedures. Many cases have been filed due to misinformation about treatment options or even a lack of communication altogether between a Doctor and patient.

Medical negligence in Ireland can be best described as a medical practitioner who does not measure up to the standards of healthcare or standard conduct required for the medical field he or she has chosen to specialize in.

Victims of these instances of medical negligence in Ireland often seek help from many different legal experts who talk to many people and help them receive the compensation they deserve from being subject to a doctor’s negligence. These people who have suffered from negligent or wrongful actions of those in the field of medicine or any action that falls below the needs and best interest of the patient in to be treated, rehabilitated or accurately diagnosed can be categorized as medical negligence.

That isn’t to say any form of pain or discomfort experienced through a treatment process can be called a negligent action. An injury sustained due to treatment must be directly caused by the healthcare professionals in order for a claim to filed. That’s where medical negligence solicitors come in to play. People who have experience in dealing with and resolving any and all types of cases of negligent actions that have caused patients to be hurt or injured, or even caused the patient to lose trust in the doctor. Family physicians have always carried a lot of weight in society. Someone who treats and cares for children should be dependable and trustworthy. Decisions made by these professionals are often life or death, especially where one’s personal health is directly affected.

Medical negligence solicitors in Dublin, Ireland deal with a broad range of many different types of cases of medical negligence in Ireland. Ranging from birth injuries to wrongful death claims. Many have failed due to mistakes the doctors had made in coming to the wrong diagnosis. This includes failure to do a physical examination, obtaining or misreading a diagnostic test, developing a plan to follow-up on a patient or even obtaining a complete history of the patient. Any or all of these have been a reason to see medical negligence solicitors for help in recovering losses.

Medical negligence has been and will continue to be a cause for concern, but should not be a deterrent from seeking healthcare. In the circumstance, someone is injured or victimized there is help and information available to those who are willing to ask for it.